Events Management

Corporate Event- Here, we provide you with exclusive and amazing venues where you’ll find all the amenities. We provide you with necessary high quality technical elements to carry out flawless execution of your event. We promise you the exquisite & splendid time for your delegates, business associates, & employees.

We have in house audio-visual equipments and it allows us to produce the event in your budget. We are also tied up with Hotels, Resorts, Boutique Hotels to provide the wide range of venues for your events . We also take care of micro elements such as designing of branding collaterals, exhibition stalls, trophies & mementos, guest speakers, artist management etc.

  • Conference Management :
      We deliver more than just superbly run corporate meetings. We provide a comprehensive conference management service, from vision setting to concept development to ensuring every last detail is perfect on the day.
  • Corporate Tours :
      We provide customized corporate travel and leisure experiences to all our corporate clients. We ensure that you focus on your work while we handle the trip.
  • Award Functions :
      We understands the importance appreciation. Be it a small or big award function, we ensure that the gratitude is felt.
  • Dealers Meet :
      If you take care of the dealers and they will take care of your business. While you try to bring them together it’s our responsibility to make them feel special.
  • Product Launch :
      “A good Beginning is half done.” And a great product launch ensures your product has reached. We’ve been doing it for quite a long & it’s time that you try it our way the next time.
  • Exhibitions Stall Designing :
      It is not just the Stall & display that we design, we intend to create a visual appeal that’s worthy of great remark.
  • Annual Celebrations / Functions :
      Our expert team members have been able to consistently provide Annual Celebration Event Management to our customers. Satisfied Customer & the experience that will be discussed & remembered till next yearly celebration is what deliver.
  • Press Conferences :
      The most delicate of all the media events. Thoughtfully planned Press Conferences get you positive Press coverage and helps build your brand. We help you from selecting venues, resources, materials, spokepeople and effective media management.
  • Trade Show Management :
      We design & execute tailor made Trade Shows by understanding your goals and objectives. In the uncertain economy we can attract
  • Corporate Training Programs :
      This programs are designated to provide skills and confidence required to make sound decisions. We understand & ensure that the whole process goes smoothly without anyone breaking a sweat.
  • Factory / Branch / Real Estate Project Inaugurations :
      A new Factory/Branch/Real Estate Project that is completed. It is a moment of achievement which needs celebration and we are the right people who will plan the event to share joy with other people.
  • Exhibition Services :
      Managing an exhibition is no joke. We provide services that caters to the smallest factor that makes a big exhibition huge.

Lifestyle Events -
Your premium and high profile parties, fashion shows, brunches etc. come within this category. Our premium standard of quality allows us to be able to provide you with unparalleled events, giving your guests an experience they will remember. Our eye for detail enables us to concentrate on even the finer things involved with any event, as well as the event on a broader scale.

  • Live Stage Show Management :
      Our several years of experience and the artistic passion have made us capable to managing Live stage show Management events with promptness, flexibility and reliability.
  • Product Launches :
      These events give public & media a chance to hear everything the brand has to say before any negativity is built around it. We know what it stands for to you & to us.
  • Fashion Shows :
      International Standards is the only benchmark that we set for ourselves when it comes to fashion shows. Be it for a corporate or a fashion house, our team of enthusiastic individuals won’t leave any stone unturned.
  • Theme Parties :
      Catching onto the trend to plan & execute corporate or nonprofit parties is what we do the best. Gone are the days when people would come in their Sunday Best to eat appetizers and dance to boring music.
  • Social Events :
      As we believe in upholding the tradition and enjoy it to the fullest and if you want to host fun filled event like a baby or bridal shower, anniversary or birthday party etc you can use our proficiency to create your event an unforgettable one. We provide you with exclusive pre to post event facilities that are tailor made for you.
  • Housewarming Events :
      It can be a very small or gigantically huge arrangement but the feeling & experience has to be same both the times. We take equal pride & happiness in ensuring that the guests get homely attention.
  • Anniversary Events :
      It’s not just another cake cutting ceremony. One more year of togetherness is an achievement & we plan to celebrate it with you on your special day.
  • Birthday Events :
      One more year of Happiness. Let us plan this to make it the one that will be remembered and felt by everyone who has been a part of your journey.
  • Family Get-togethers :
      A Family that Eats together/spends time together , stays together. It is your time, your celebration and we want you to enjoy. Who’s cooking? Is everything ready? Well, leave it to us, you please enjoy.
  • Festival Parties :
       The more the no of people the bigger the celebration. This is the part of our service where we can be behind the scene & on the scene at the same time.
  • Success Parties :
      Well, Success deserves party. Let us celebrate together. You Flaunt & We manage.
  • Baby Shower Events :
      Let us gather the elderly and everyone else to shower blessings to the newcomer in the family. 10 years later when he/she looks at the photos, he/she would know how much everyone loves him/her.
  • Naming Ceremony :
       Name- The one thing that defines you it is first biggest celebration for the newborn. Allow us to witness that.
  • Dahi Handi :
      Everyone wants to dance & feel happy. We ensure that the whole event goes smoothly. Try us.
  • Ganesh :
      This is the biggest event of our culture which includes the whole country. We plan and execute the holy celebration with everyone else.
  • Christmas Eve :
      Santa has sent us to spread happiness by orchestrating the whole event. Don’t believe us? Ask Santa!
  • New year Eve :
      Cherishing the new beginning with the most energetic experience of all time. Music filled with happiness and it is in the air.